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The Iberian Energy Clearing House

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Market Bulletins
Power Contracts (>1.Jun.2010)
Risk Parameters IM (07.11.2017)
Initial Margin Input Tables
Concentration Risk Parameters (07.11.2017)
Derivatives Reference Prices
Spot Prices and Volumes - (<31.May.2010)
Spot Prices and Volumes (>1.Jun.2010)
Clearing Prices (<10.Feb.2014)
Clearing Prices (>=10.Feb.2014)
Note: for automated information access interface (FTP) please contact – (+351) 210006000. FTP Guide
GCT & TS_PVB-ES NG Physical Futures Contracts to launch on 24.Nov.17_EN
Products' Technical Specifications
Products' General Contractual Clauses
Amended rules to be in force as from 24.Nov.17 (NG Physical Futures PVB-ES)
OMIClear Rulebook
A. General Instructions
B. Specific Instructions (Power Derivatives Market)
Code of Conduct
Risk Committee Rulebook
MIBEL International Agreement (01.Oct.2004)
MIBEL International Agreement - Amendments
Clearing Forms
Other Forms
Public Quantitative Disclosure - 2015
Public Quantitative Disclosure - 2016
Public Quantitative Disclosure - 2017
Calendars 2017 and 2018
Haircuts applicable to Financial Instruments
Billing Conditions and VAT regime Derivatives Contracts
Cooperation protocol OMIClear-Enagas GTS
Phases and Timatable of Clearing Session
Timetable of the information exchange between OMIClear and Enagás GTS
Instrument List 2016
Instrument List 2017
OMIClear Price List
EMIR Reporting Operational Guide
Information System Guide
Risk Testing Results 2016
OMIClear Annual Reports 2010-2015
OMIClear Annual Reports 2016